Darcy Hennessey Turenne is an award-winning director from Vancouver, Canada. 


Darcy Hennesey Turenne is one of the most awarded and prolific female action-sports filmmakers in the industry today. Her first feature-length film,“The Moment”,- a documentary about they inception of extreme mountain biking- was the closing film of the 2017 Whistler Film Festival and sold out over 100 screenings worldwide. Now acquired by RedBull Television, it debuted at #3 on the US iTunes Independant Film charts and continues to be a top international seller.

A staple in the outdoor, environmental, and action sports communities, her work extends far beyond the sports world. Her quirky short film about a philanthropic hoarder premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and she regularly writes, shoots, and directs commercial spots for clients ranging from Audi to Patagonia.

Known for her whimsical visuals and nuanced storytelling, her interests and scope as a director span from narrative to fiction, documentary, and everything (weird and wonderful) in between. Her love of exploration is evident in her work and experience filming in over 25 countries. Darcy is also well-regarded internationally from her past career as a professional mountain biker, and has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, including Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal.