Darcy Turenne is an award-winning director from Vancouver, Canada. 

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While completing an MA in Intercultural Communications at Royal Roads University, Darcy purchased a video camera and quickly found her passion for storytelling and visual arts. 

Since then, Darcy has written and directed short films, commercials, and music videos for clients ranging from Audi to Patagonia to Jive Records. Her first long-form film — an environmental snowboard documentary featuring David Suzuki called "The Little Things" — won a host of awards including the Best Environmental Film at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Fest, the prestigious “Cold Smoke Award”, and was picked up for the Banff World Tour. Her latest short film, "Jackieland", was accepted to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and her latest commercial for UBC Studios recently won a Platinum Hermes Creative award.   

Her latest feature film, "The Moment", recounts the unlikely birth of one of the most dangerous sports ever imagined: freeride mountain biking. 

Her filming has brought her to Mongolia, India, Bolivia, Indonesia, Rwanda, The Republic of Georgia, Austria, Italy, Nicaragua, Kenya, Cambodia, Turkey, and Qatar and many other exotic locals — both near and far. Known internationally from her past career as a professional mountain biker, she has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, including Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal.